Year of the lentil

It says in my diary
January 5th – lentil soup (for me)
He had roast beef and gravy

February 5th cheese and beetroot it says
Then in big letters SICK. And so the next day
Lentil soup. But the pain went away.

On March 5th I had ham and beans.
Tasty and okay it seems.
Pulses make for sweeter dreams.

April 5th — ill all night and in pain.
Next day it was – you guessed it – again.
So it went on every month looks the same!

By this time the lentil
was driving me mental
but most other foodstuffs seemed quite detrimental!

In September at last I went to see
What on earth the matter could be
With my poor right ribs, my back and me.

The gall of it all.
Gall stones – and not small.
It seems I could eat no fat at all

Like old Jack Spratt!
Well fancy that.
It was just that lentil soup has no fat!!

So for Christmas I made a fair fat free feast
Today it’s lentil soup but at least
That’s my choice! Hey the truth is — I LIKE LENTILS!

For fat substitute WHISKEY :)

For fat substitute WHISKEY 🙂

My fat free Christmas Cake