The Metropolitan Museum of Art is an amazing place and I had a lovely discussion with a complete stranger about how a certain Chinese textile exhibit had been crafted — which for me is the joy of going to a place like this. Honestly I was fascinated by everything we saw which was the tip of the berg really because we only spent a few hours there and it would take days if not weeks to do the place justice.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It was the Sunday of the NY Marathon so of course there were people dressed as giant cucumbers and things milling around in Central Park as we walked back towards the Theatre District down 5th Avenue. It was a zoo out there 🙂 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We had limited time because Nathan and Jenesta were heading back to Baltimore that evening from Penn Station so we chose not the best option for a meal — of which more on my Friday Blog! But we had a great time together and after they left Noel and I took a walk down 7th Ave to Times Square to soak in the atmosphere. Not nearly as scary as Leeds on a Saturday night!!! Lots of people from all over the world just having fun and hanging out — a carnival atmosphere and all the lights on Broadway.

We already liked New York!