A bowl of fruit would have done — and is that so very much to ask? But there was nothing  — no low fat, healthy option when we visited a DIY outlet’s cafe last week.

Scones and sandwiches don’t cut it when you’re on a low fat diet and that doesn’t just depend on the fillings because bread itself can have a fairly high fat content — it varies such a lot I can’t trust it. The pasties, pies and sausage rolls on offer were definitely out. There were baked potatoes and those are just fine — but not if the only fillings are tuna with mayo already mixed in or cheese. Baked beans I asked? No. I asked if there was any salad to be had. No. There were chocolate bars and biscuits galore. The coffee was a catering pack — Nestle — not my favourite corporate given their attitude to water and third world countries!

(Outside there was a hot-dog van with, I have to say, the most vile smelling hot dogs I have ever whiffed. I wouldn’t have eaten one even if I could.)

“Oh you are very restricted, aren’t you,” remarked the woman who works there.

I felt like saying: No — you are! But I refrained because it probably wasn’t her fault.

So my message is for B&Q. If you want people to shop at your stores, take their time, browse, maybe spend more… then cater for us properly! Let’s have real tea, real coffee instead of that horrid powdered stuff and place some fruit for sale on the counter or a salad. It’s really not too much to ask!