“An instrument inventor hears music everywhere.”  So said Mr. Trimpin creator of the Seismofone which resides above the cafe of the Science Museum in Minneapolis.

It’s a fascinating thing as both a visual and an auditory experience and being a poet I see poems everywhere. This one, and the quotation above, led to an interesting little series where the poet in me begins to ‘hear music everywhere’ too. Poetry is my instrument so I did a little playing with words myself and Don Webb was kind enought to publish the results of my little experiment. So over the next several weeks 5 more musical poems will appear in a Bewildering way and I hope you enjoy them.

Frist: Minneapolis’ Natural Jazz

And if you are ever in the vicinity of Minneapolis do go and listen to Mr. Trimpin’s invention. Sit under it. Have a coffee. Relax.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd then there’s so much more to see and do there, you’ll be back for another listen later 🙂