So we’re at the check-out at a local supermarket and our debit card is in the machine when the lass says: “Register yer postcode.” Not “Please may I have your postcode?” Not “Would you mind giving us your postcode?” Not “We are asking people for their postcode because…” Not even a question in fact!

The attitude as much as anything made us fume. Was this a request? A demand? I felt like leaving the store there and then without the trolleyful of goods. And why would they want or need our postcode? My husband questioned it.

“We’re doing a survey to find out how far people travel to the store.”

(Well — why didn’t you just SAY SO?)


We declined.

We all know what happens… Other companies want the data and the said retail outlet sells it to whoever for profit and your whole neighbourhood swarms with unsolicited junk — not to mention marrying the details with other info from other so-called surveys and then selling that on to someone else. Am I paranoid? Bet your butt I am, Buddy!

Well I’m not playing anymore. I try whenever possible to go to the greengrocer’s, the butcher’s, a bakery. I am making fewer visits to any supermarkets than ever and shopping is much pleasanter for it.

Next time you’re in the supermarket look at the faces of the shoppers and the assistants. It’s not a happy experience. Then why not join me back in the real world where people in the shop know your name and commumicate in polite terms and shoppers buy real food and don’t look like they’re chewing a wasp all the time… Don’t play their game. Insist they play yours. After all — it’s your money so it’s your choice.

Anyway back in spring I had three potatoes that had gone a bit to seed and I put them in a large carrier bag outside and topped them up with compost now and then. Today I havested 3lb of spuds from a plastic bag 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA