Every month the editors at Every Day Poets choose their favourite poems of that month to go forward for consideration for our Anthology for that year. I have been stalling — and let me tell you why.

Having read the poems in slush, chosen them there to go into the magazine, put them online and reread them again and again, I become quite fond of them. So for May I have a list of 11 poems I liked best and for June I have a list of 7. I am allowed to choose 3 or 4 for each month. All the poems are very different. All of us editors are very different. All of our readers will also have favourites. Decisions decisions!

Sometimes the choice is not so bad but these past two months we really have published so many poems I deem worthy and I am going to have to leave some behind 😦

So let me just thank those who continually send us their best work. It is a challenge to sift through the slush pile for 365 poems a year. It means reading about five times that many. But I do love it so when we uncover those bright gems and they still enhance my life which is why this is my 5th year as editor.  Also Kath and I head a great team! Right — I’m off to reread and wring my hands!

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