I am looking forward to the arrival of my sister Esme tomorrow. I don’t see her nearly often enough. It’s been 4 years this time! Oonah and Esme

I’m hoping for better weather than we had last June! Apart from anything else, like not getting soaked, bad weather deprives us of our longest day when it should be properly dark for only a couple of hours this far north — 11:30 – 2:30 ish and then getting light again. On Holy Island you can see light in the Northern sky even at midnight and it’s such a spectacular sight. We will be doing that 🙂 and generally gadding about Northumberland.

This month too sees 100 YEARS since the death of suffragette Emily Davison — and Morpeth has a parade planned on June 15th. Details HERE.

And if you haven’t yet uploaded my two new stories to your i-pods and pads and players, please DO and share them.