I got very irritated on Monday when I went to the pool and after paying and changing was turned away because the session was toddler splash! Usually that means the toddlers occupy the shallow end and there’s a deep end swim — I often go on a Wednesday and usually there’s not a toddler in sight! Not on MONDAYS they said. On MONDAYS it’s toddlers and parents ONLY — it doesn’t say that on the schedule!

So — WHO is in the deep end? I got no answer to that. Half the pool empty but I am not allowed to swim!

I sounded off to the girl at the desk — and what do they think I am going to do to their DNA squirts? I only wanted a bloody SWIM! They couldn’t organise a — well a swim in a swimming pool for starters!

So I did the opposite of the healthy thing I was going to do. I came home and made a bacon butty.

Oh well. So much for my healthy start to the week! 😦

A moment’s calm

On Sunday I went to put some rubbish in the bin and there on the gate, firmly stuck by one foot in a slat, a female blackbird struggled to get free. My neighbour, who was wearing gardening gloves, came and released her but she didn’t fly away. She dropped down by the bins to recover (or to die) and I left her in peace. I didn’t empty my rubbish. I didn’t want to cause her more distress. I hope she eventually flew away as the evidence suggests — no corpse — no feathers by the bins 🙂

The bluebells are out now and they are my favourite spring flower. The native species is threatened now by cultivars from Spain but there is still a small deciduous wood near us of indigenous bluebells. I should go and see them soon when they come out fully.

I sleep and wake up in a comfy bed, plenty of food — too much in fact. I have good neighbours and kind friends and people who love me. I am well. I do things I want to do. I work with poetry. I live in peace.

Life is good!

in general…if you’re zen about it

Have a nice week and I recommend a bacon butty!