Slept like a Sargoovian Snooze-beast last night. Must have been all that flying about fighting baddies or maybe it was just the after effects of 3D and Surround Sound. I am not much given to noise and fast movement as my friends will attest! On the other hand it may just have been that Star Trek Into Darkness hits the spot for old trekkies like me and so I felt soothed and satisfied. I’d had my ‘fix’.

True the technology is way in advance of the Kirk era and therefore inconsistent.

True it seems incongruous that Uhura and Spock are an item.

True there are action scenes where the action demands you “leave reality at home” as they say and suspend all disbelief :).

But the trouble with tribbles is — they make me smile. And Cumberbach as Khan was as evil as ever Montalban was — if not so handsome. And there are several very nice ‘tributes’ to Wrath of Khan in this film, appreciated by us Trekkies of old and other references there are that make us feel like we belong here too — not just just the ‘new audience’ at whom all things must of course be aimed.

But what really makes this Star Trek and why I would watch the next film and the next is the same reason I watched the original series. Good story telling never misses a beat and above all, the relationships between the characters. I believe Pine is Kirk, Quinto is Spock and Urban is definitley Bones! (They under-used the magnificent Mr Urban in this particular film — I hope the address that in the next one.) In fact if this cast is boldly going anywhere in the future, I will boldly follow them. This is the best casting that could have been done and if the franchise can give us that, they can keep me Trekking.

All in all, something for everyone. We both enjoyed it! Keep on Trekking!