Amos Greig from A New Ulster handed me this one and I thought the questions were fun so here goes.

(1). If you could be any type of animal, what would you be and why?

I would like to be an elegant creature like a flamingo, a heron, a giraffe – poised and leisurely with fine feathers or interesting spots. Or I might be a mermaid like this mural I once painted on my bathroom wall in our old house. I loved that bathroom! My bathroom now is tiny and boring 😦


(2). Is there anything you collect? If so, what?

Ghosts. I have lots of ghosts all over the house – candles, curtains, toys, ceramics — I even have a light-pull called Looey who hangs about in the bathroom, glows in the dark and scares the shit out of you (my sister’s joke).

(3). What is the overall goal of your blog?

I promote my stories and poems and those of friends and put up pictures so that far flung family and friends can drop by and see that I haven’t croaked yet and become a ghost myself!

(4). How do you feel in big crowds of people?

Hate crowds. They don’t have to be big either! I panic. I avoid social encounters mostly. When I went to Minneapolis I didn’t go anywhere near the Mall of America and I never take part in rallies. I went to Wembley once to hear Pink Floyd and I went to Manchester for Leonard Cohen but to get me out in a crowd it has to be something special!

(5). Mobile phones (cell phones) – what’s your opinion of them?

Handy in an emergency. I only use mine as an alarm clock and torch. I have few people to phone.

(6). If you could decorate your home in any style, what would that be?

I would love walls painted with light. Lighting to me is key. And I like kinetic light. I would like a post-modern space with lots of glass that could be darkened on command and curved inner walls, white that could be lit or rain bowed. There’s a Chinese Restaurant in Toronto that used linetic lighting.  It’s called FICKLE. Take a look at those walls! I loved that! Mind you if someone offered me Bag End I wouldn’t say no either.

(7). Do you believe in Extraterrestrials?

There’s bound to be or have been or will be some beings somewhere other than here. I think that the believing is the operative term. We probably can never know because of distance over time.

(8). If you could meet any mythological creature, what would it be and why?

I’d like to meet my mermaid. It would be nice to go to Narnia.
(9). Would you rather stay busy or have a lot of free time? Why?

I like being busy doing what I want to do under my own terms. Life has had enough bells and timetables in it.

(10). If you would have a chance to travel to the moon, would you do it?

No. I like it fine here on Earth. The moon is like a desert. I love our green planet and our salty seas.

(11). What music album are you still frequently listening to now that you also
listened to years ago?

The Magician’s Birthday Uriah Heap. Focus and Mother Focus. Me and Bobby McGee by Kris Kristofferson, All Leonard Cohen, All Queen but in reality I don’t often listen to music. I prefer silence.

I’ll pass these questions on to Periphery Arts and One Minnesota Writer Let’s have your answers on your next BLOG Constance and Kath 🙂