John Ritchie and I are Writewords friends but we have actually met in real life in London and here is a story of his published by Dave Morehouse who is an EDP poet and who joined Writewords and whom I have also met in person in Minneapolis. They have never met each other but they will one day I’m sure. It’s a small world.

The Killing Bottle by John Ritchie

In BwS this week is a poem I wrote for my husband who loves snakes and was born in the year of the snake and this is the year of the snake too. Don Webb is the editor of BwS and has also published work by John. We met Don last year in Toronto.

A Snake Awakes is the title of my poem in BwS this week.

While you’re there check out the two poems and art-work there by Rececca Liu Kiernan (haven’t met her but have corresponded recently :))

And since it was Earth Day and that is the subject of our Every Day Inspiration this week, here is one I wrote on Sunday just for fun from a list of word Bill West devised over in Writewords. I’ve not met Bill but I will one day and after all it’s a small world.

A Moment of Idle Thought

God had nothing better to do that day
so he took off his crown to scratch his bonce
and had an idea – a good one for once
to create a little friend out of clay
but where was he going to get any?

Clay/earth earth/clay his mind whirred merrily.

Nice name Earth – and he’d call his friends mankind.
He’d make two of them and give them a fork
a garden and fruit trees and let them work
the land with lots of animals to husband.
he’d even offer them choice at a price…

and as he thought, before his very eyes
a universe exploded into view.

Satan finds work for idle minds to do.

© Oonah V Joslin 2013