A friend offered me this piece of advice last week:

Well-behaved women rarely make history.

I suppose that’s true… To be famous you have to take risks. However to be happy, you may have to confront the fact that you don’t like taking risks and that you are nervous around people and that you may therefore not be happy being famous. Gone are the good old days when one could be eccentric and fashionably reclusive, sip a lone martini and simper, ‘I want to be alone, dahling!’ — and everyone would think that was ‘classy’ which is old money for cool! Alas I am uncool most of the time. (It’s these hot flashes!)

But FAME is a fickle friend at best. And fame easily or quickly won, can be a dangerous master.

You know the story
5 minutes on telly
sudden stardom
meteoric rise
inability to cope with sudden pressure,
sudden demise.

Martyr to the media flame of fame.

It’s not that I am completely pucillanimous! Nor incurably antisocial. I am still prepared to do a reading, front the occasional writing group. Sometimes I enter a room with as many as TWENTY other people in it! Ask anyone! 😉

Last week’s writing group was on c o l o u r and I wore my mood ring that I got last year in York and a red cardy and my ruby earrings. On the way there on the bus, my mood was yellowish grey. It then became yellow and within half an hour of the session beginning, turned green. By the end of the session it was blue and when I got home it changed hue to a lovely shade of purple-ish mauve. What did all this signify?


As I write this it is JADE Clearly, limelight isn’t my shade. So having decided not to expose all my talents (which are considerable and wide-ranging) on YouTube immediately and to continue to behave reasonably well in most situations, I seem perhaps doomed to obscurity.

Of course for some Fame is a lasting phenomenon — and something they cannot live without. This day in 1967 — 2nd April this song was released — RUBY TUESDAY
That’s 46 years ago, folks! It’s one of the few Stones songs I actually liked. The Stones are performing at Glastonbury this summer I am told. Still behaving badly and hanging on to that FAME.
Ruby is my birth stone and this Ruby is the most loveable doggy I know and she always behaves well though her hair is a bit unruly 😉

Ruby EMO dogRuby-dooby-doo, I love you 🙂

Now you’re famous too.

Love Truffles as well of course OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand their owners, my good friends, Kath and Jim Mickleson, have their 20th Wedding Anniversary this week — that’s half way to RUBY Have a great time folks xxx