OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It’s not every day you see a live tiger. This one was at Minnesota Zoo in September. But I had an experience that day which shook me a bit and this week’s poem Touching the Tiger in Bewildering Stories is about that experience. I hope you enjoy it.

A New Ulster recently took a poem that was about my very first ever experience of a zoo animal — My First Elephant — encountered in Belfast Zoo when I was very young — I’ll have to ask my sister what age.

Sometimes I write poems because of inspiration from real life, like those. Sometimes it is because someone says ‘why don’t you write a poem about…’ Either way what I come up with always surprises me. Last week I wrote and performed a poem about the Ides of March and I was talking to my friend Amanda Baker about how you can write a poem about anything. She recently read out my piece The Higg’s Boson to some children to demonstrate this fact. It’s nice to think I may still inspire some young person to write something they might not have thought of.
At EDP we put up an INSPIRATION every Monday to get the creative juices flowing and sometimes we get poems back from that which is great 🙂

Speaking of Amanda Baker — tomorrow 20th March, she is reading from her story The Remainder in Appleby’s Bookshop Morpeth 12:30 – 1:30. If you live nearby — come along!

She is a bit of a tiger but she promises not to bite 😉 this time!