Straight out of the winter freeze and into the fire — that’s me. No nice settle- in-gently. Both feet first with a new poem that’ll have to be read with a Geordie accent which I don’t do well — but then maybe that’ll just make it funnier… What the heck — I’ll give it a go! So why don’t you join us for:

HOT Ides of March WORDS @ the CHILLI 
Friday 15th March 
8.00 start, doors open 7.30, 
Special guests

and BBC Radio 4’s Kate Fox
Presented by Aidan Clarke and Annie Moir
(Soothsayer says: For Health and Safety Reasons don’t come if your name is Julius or Caesar.)
Plus open-mic spots (of which I hope to bag ONE 🙂 ) with a brand new poem written specially for the occasion — BEWARE!
All for a ridiculously low £2 entry
The Chillingham Arms, Buses 62 and 63
Chillingham Rd Chillingham Road Metro
NE6 5XL Free parking