Time to think about Burn’s Night(time for a libation) and what to have after your Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. Last Year’s Cranachan Cheesecake proved popular with everyone who tried it and so I thought I’d give you my dessert for this year.


It’s a basic sponge recipe fat free.
Preheat oven to 160 degrees
Line a swiss roll tray with baking parchment or greased baking paper.

Whisk 4 eggs for 5 minutes (using electric whisk) with 4oz (fine) caster sugar
Fold in 4 oz sifted flour (SR or plain) and a pinch of salt. (you can use 3/3/3oz for a smaller roll)

Pour mixture into tray and even out.
Bake 12 minutes.

Meanwhile: Place a damp tea towel with some greased proof paper on it, liberally sprinkled with more sugar, on a flat surface, ready to turn the sponge out.
When cooked, trim the edges with a sharp knife and turn out onto the paper. (Use the offcuts for trifle 🙂 )

Place 3 tbs good marmalade into a small pan
— I recommend Frank Cooper’s Original Oxford Marmalade; not just for this but in general! — It can be got at most UK supermarkets – buy the coarse cut or Vintage!
Add one or two tbs Whiskey.
(I suppose it’s cheating to use Bushmills? Tough! 🙂 )
Heat gently and stir — you want it just warm and spreadable. Then pour onto the swiss roll and spread quickly to all the edges.

Now begin to roll your swiss roll up from one end using the paper to guide the process. When rolled, lift it (paper and all) onto a cooling rack — it won’t take long to cool.

Serve on its own in slices or with whipped cream or hot custard.

Replace whiskey with Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Cognac or rum.
Or use a lemon marmalade with Limoncello.

If you want you could make this a basic sponge cake using 2, 6 inch round sponge tins —  then fill with whipped whiskey cream and spread marmalade on top and decorate with satsuma segments. I haven’t tried that but I will 🙂