Born on 8th January

David Bowie
Graham Chapman
Shirley Bassey
Stephen Hawking
My friend John Stocks and

People born on this day seem to have a highly developed sense of the dramatic. Think of David Robert Jones becoming Ziggy Stardust, Graham Chapman’s famous window pose in Life of Brian, Shirley Bassey’s powerful voice and large  — gestures, Stephen Hawking’s effect on our knowledge as a species, as well that voice and despite an illness that might have stopped a lesser character from succeeding.  My friend John Stocks taught — Drama – of course he did!

ELVIS doesn’t even need a second name. His twin died that day too but I reckon maybe he lived enough life for both of them. His first record came out on the day I was born – “That’s All Right Mama”  It was — a Monday – you can’t win ‘em all 

Some people grow old, some get to be icons – a few do both. (My money’s on our Shirl.) What the heck — I’d rather grow old than be an icon anyway.

So — from my ‘research,’ I predict the birth of some icon of the future today, making this a significant Tuesday. Maybe I’ll look back in say 2033, if I am still around, and see whether they have emerged yet into the world. Of course I’d be 78 by then – getting on a bit —  I only hope I make it.