Tuesday isn’t normally very distinguinshed in the great scheme of things. The 7 day system of weeks puts it either as the second or third day of the week and although associated with Mars in the Julian Calendar, it took on a Norse God appellation in Old English and became Tīwesdæg or Tiw’s day. It is considered unlucky in Spanish and Greek cultures but lucky in Judaism. Hindus associate it (not soley) with the god Devi and the goddess Kali. But then, Hindus are very equitable in their treatment of days. All days are sacred to some shrine or other.

I remember hating Tuesdays when I was a schoolgirl. One could at least dread Monday. Wednesday was half way through the week and so bareable. Thursday, as my friend John Stocks often calls it, is ‘weekend’s eve’ and Friday… Ah we all just adore a Friday. Anticipation of a lie in and a change of routine…

But Tuesday? I seem to remember double Maths or double Science first thing. Teachers never gave out treats on a Tuesday — probably because they felt a little in the doldrums too. Tuesday. Flat. A day of nothing nice. Even dinner tended to be dull. It was a salad and blancmange kind of a day.

Well, this year I am giving a Thought for Tuesday in my blog. I will do my best to find a little something to tempt you every Tuesday, a tidbit, a recipe, an aphorism, a photo, an idea — something to highlight the day and say — HEY LOOK — it’s TUESDAY! Because — well I feel sorry for poor Tuesday. She gets a raw deal. She needs a little love and attention.

TODAY she has the distinction of being the first day of 2013 in the Western Calendar. (Of course not all New Years begin today!) So here is a little wish to take you into this New Year. The photograph was taken on the Island of Lindisfarne, part of the Farne Islands chain off the coast of Northumberland. I am reliably informed that some scurrulous corporates with Lottery funding behind them want to take this sacred place and make it into Theme Park Lindisfarne. The good people who live there are of course fighting this.


I sincerely hope this will NEVER happen. Rest assured, I will update you if this threat to our heritage doesn’t disappear.

Money isn’t everything — though there are people about who would sell their own granny. Peace cannot be bought. Places like this, once destroyed, cannot be replaced.

Earth itself and every Tuesday upon it is precious.

In 2013 let us make sure that our choices reflect our values.