OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I was very proud of my attempt at icing the cake this year. It’s only the second time I have done this as I don’t like marzipan or icing, but it looks pretty I allow. I bake a fruit cake every year and pour in lots of rum 🙂 just so it lasts throughout the year you understand — handy for when anyone drops by. It’s always good to have a piece of cake on offer with a cup of tea. It’s entirely edible — those are gold sugared almonds.


Christmas is all about hospitality, room at the inn so to speak, and so it’s a tradition I try to keep. We ate the final piece of last year’s cake just after I’d baked this one and I am looking forward to cutting this when we have some Christmas visitors with us over Christmas.

I would like to thank all my friends for the support and hospitality shown to us this year, whether in their homes or at some poetry/music venue/pub/restaurant/hotel  — Much appreciated! And I thank too the new friends we made this year. Most of them are too far away to just pop in for a cuppa but if you are ever in the vicinity here’s what awaits 🙂

Anyway, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a story and so for the Horror fans amongst you here is my latest Microhorror Silent Curse and I think there may be another coming up soon 🙂

And for those of you who like a warm glow: My Measuring Stick

or if you’d prefer a poem Department Store may be just the thing — when those tills are finallly silent for a few hours. 

May your memories be evergreen.