There was only one other person I had arranged to meet on this visit to Ontario. I had been aquainted with Don Webb since 2007 when he took one of my stories for publication Clear and Cold the Rising Moon. Since then I have had many pieces published in Bewildering Stories and it’s just about my favourite e-zine because, as well as a great read, it has a superb archive of NASA photos, wonderful editorials and interesting and quirky features – a bit like Don Webb really. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Don and I have often discussed (in emails) accent and dialect with regard to writing. Sometimes he will get back to me with a, ‘do you really say that?’ He met me and at last heard that accent and then he said he understood. Well, we only had a couple of hours together but we went to Second Cup for a chat OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand it just flowed — it was the shortest couple of hours I have known.
Don — Noel and I both wish we’d had more time.

And so my itinerary was over. Noel and I had one day in Toronto before we flew back. We spent it on the Sight-seeing bus and Boat trip — what else? A nice book-end to our trip on the Mississippi when we first arrived in Minnesota.
This is one tower I didn’t go up!
You know, I’ve never made money from my writing (and you can’t take it with you) but I have made friends — good friends; people with whom I am proud to be associated. And though I am no traveller, it is worth it to go out there and make that effort when there are, as I said at the beginning of this series of blogs, such friends to be met.