I think one of the most disturbing trends of the modern world for me is internet shopping. It’s very convenient for certain goods, electrics, gifts, dvds… But sometimes you want to try things on. — make sure those boots were made for walking. Sometimes you want to make sure that what you are buying will fit into your teensy hovel — not the ‘barking and dreamhouse’ from the telly ads but your own house. And sometimes you just want a human being to show you how something works — not an internet demo dammit. Increasingly when I go to a real shop to buy something they advise me to buy Online! I keep saying — I don’t want to buy online. I want to keep you in a job and paying your mortgage and taxes and thus stimulate the economy! I LIKE humans! I used to BE ONE!

People even buy groceries online. Okay if you can’t get out and a fine idea for that reason but I have never found food shopping on line satisfactory. I like to choose fruit, veg and meat according to quality not quantity. The big supermarket B O G O F deals are no good if there are just two of you. Unfortunately, though people are starving elsewhere, we live in a society predicated on waste. BOGOFATIO (and throw it out)

Today was a good day! Today I wandered down to the village to get my hair cut and there were two new shops.
It was as if the village had come to life again and it has saved premises from dereliction. I walked straight into the green grocer’s and ordered my fruit and veg for Christmas — in the exact quantities I want. Then I bought 2 pies for tea from the bakery next door! And they didn’t say BOGOFatio — they were a vast deal more than civil!

Imagine what our towns will be like when the little local shops are gone and the supermarkets and the internet is all there is. Is that the world you want? If it is … okay … but if not, THINK about those shopping decisions. They could make all the difference.

This Christmas and in 2013 why not join me?

Support Local Shops.

Let’s Keep Things REAL.