Hang on! That isn’t anyone I know… Certainly isn’t Joe! Not Joe. Not Joe.. Ah there he is πŸ™‚
and these are Dippin’ Dots which some lucky person invented whilst trying to invent something totally other and now come in sorbet or icecream varieties. I’d rather have a Mivvy but then, I’m old. And here’s the whole family So we know now where Joe leanred that trick πŸ™‚
Niagara Falls is one big fun fair and Casino venu and I don’t know why I didn’t ever realise that until I got there. I had some notion in my silly head of pristine water falls and a big car park. I always wanted to go there and see the Falls so you’d think I would have looked it up… DOH! Anyway — I wasn’t disappointed — not at all. Our kind friends had plans. I wasn’t just going to see the falls from afar — we were going on The Maid of the Mist. I did a couple of things on this holiday that, had I been consulted or forewarned, I probably wouldn’t have done. THANK YOU folks for NOT consulting me! I might have chickened out of that boat ride — but maybe not — I love boats. This was a very ‘boats’ holiday (as was the last one in Baltimore with all the water taxis) First The Mighty Mississippi and now Niagara Falls! Boats and waterfalls — is there anything to beat that?!

Not by the look of it πŸ™‚