Our two weeks in Minnesota were incredible and packed with new experiences, places and people — so much so that I will be continuing to post the odd photo in OONAHVERSE so please do drop by.

But that was not the end of our holiday because on the 21st Sept we flew, not to the UK but to Toronto, where I had a few other people I wanted to meet and a special ambition to fulfil. Of course in the true spirit of this particular holiday/tour of internet friends, the reality way outstripped expectation and I look back as I write this and think how lucky I am to have these wonderful people in my life.

So —  the very next day we were picked up at The Courtyard by Marriott (yeah, slumming it again!) by fellow poet and EDP slush reader Amy. Amy’s mother Judy came along too because Judy and I had corresponded before. Judy used to live in Baltimore you see and in 2010 she gave me lots of tips that helped us orientate ourselves initially in the Inner Harbour area there — life is THAT stange! So here I am with Judy 🙂 Two years later where I never expected to be.

Judy is a talented writer too and is currently working on a novel.
We were taken to Amy’s house, where we joined by Frank who had been conducting a surgery all morning and then treated to a slap-up meal at Le Chinois.
Meet the family:
                               Frank, Mary, Judy, Joe, Michelle and Amy

Mary strikes me as being very like her Dad – intelligent, serious, good humoured and quietly tenacious. Lovely young lady. She will go far I think.

Michelle is a very sociable child with an easy manner – friendly, forthright and bright. Very sweet.

. Joe is just a delight! He’s full of fun and always gives everything a go. Later on in the car we were playing a game (The Minister’s Cat) which was a little beyond his attainment  — just because of his age and experience of adjectives. It was a new game for him and I’d introduced it. Joe didn’t complain — he just got on with it! What a lovely child. Hey Joe — The Minister’s Cat reminds me of JOE 🙂

They are lovely children — Probably because they are lucky enough to have such wonderful parents. Amy is the perfect mother. Now this may all sound a little ‘Waltons’ — but I just tell it like I saw it and we couldn’t have spent time with a lovelier family than this one.

Next time: More pics and that ambition fulfilled 🙂