An impressive building with impressive views
A Seizmofon that echoes the rhythms of the eight chambered Catarian heart — that’s for you Trekkies 😉 No it actually picks up on Earth’s seizmic activity and I found the musical sounds and random rhythms very relaxing.
It looks somewhat like a giant hanging xylophone.

Very nice mummy they think was a priest

Horned Dinosaur

Other specimins

Those wouldn’t stand still! I always work on the principle that if I take 1000 photos not all of them can be crap — some always are but I quite like the moving dinosuars.
Step inside the BRAIN BOX sit down and you will be treated to a sensory trip.

In this little cinema, you won’t believe your eyes, your ears or even your arms. An amazing ‘magical’ tour of the Science of perception — not to be missed!