Noel perched up here to try and see the buffalo but the buffalo had caught wind there was a big auction coming up and they’d scarpered to the far side of the range and looked like so many dots on the horizon 🙂 We took in Blue Mounds State Park briefly but fairly well on our wonderful road trip. For a start there was just enough colour starting to make the grasses glow.
An inland beach This prairie house belonged to author Frederick Manfred. It closed for the winter on Labor Day — sometimes the bear gets you..But it afforded wonderful views over his home state of Iowa. Yeah — okay I never heard of him either but I have now…

Then we followed part of the Burr Oak trail There’s always something to inspire. Something to contemplate…

A drive took us to the lower side of the range to see Blue Mounds themselves which I thought would be more — well — blue. But they probably look blue from Iowa, especially at dawn and dusk.

The Burr Oak Trail comes right down through the quartzite.

It’s BIG and it’s WILD and as if we needed to know just how wild, we encountered just near where Kath is standing there, the last thing I ever expected to see and he wasn’t hanging around for photographs but I pointed the camera and snapped anyway and I got LUCKY 🙂 Twice!



I have one other frame I can’t find him in though he must be in it somewhere but isn’t this amazing?!
And then on the way back to the car we encountered a lovely man with two dogs Dolly and last but not least as you see… HAZARD
Then the long interstate 9 beckoned and at length our road trip brought us to a crossroads. 4 signposts. Behind us Sioux Falls South Dakota. Ahead Wisconsin. To the right Desmoines. Left, Minneapolis Saint Paul. I so much wanted to turn right! You see Bill Bryson hailed from Demoines and one of my favorite reads is Notes From a Small Island a mid-westerner’s take on the UK and so very entertaining 🙂 Next time…

HAZARD — ‘You don’t leave here ’til I get a pet’ 🙂 Look at those eyes!

The mid-west — quartzite quarries, plains, falls, birds, buffalo, ground hogs, Those Blasted Things and a dog called Hazard… I love it! Thank you Kathleen XXX THAT was a TRIP!!