Sioux Falls, South Dakota — nice place to wake up. We decided to find out why it got its name. The Nation commonly refered to as The Sioux were really called the Dakota by the way... But first we admired the view from Saint Joseph’s and of Saint Joseph’s
And it’s all started with — A MILL.

But it turns out it got its name because of the Falls on the Sioux River.

I wonder was that it’s original name? Mmmm :-/

Let’s endow that with a sense of scale.

and so they have built a park around it, a Visitor Centre and a viewing tower


and of course, a hulking great piece of sculptural masonary called Monarch of the Plains — and so he is.

Heading out from Sioux Falls, we had lunch in Luverne just across from a shop we’d noticed on the way in. We noticed it because of the monumental masonary outside — kinda eye-catching!

In side it proved to be just as interesting — an assortment of raw stones, jewelery, objects carved in stone and sometimes even dinosaur poo 🙂 My kind of shop. We just had to buy a couple of things! But don’t take my word for it. you can go there and browse online Those Blasted Things