Shedding light on the dark history of the underworld

It’s only fair to say that I was enthusiatic nay, insistent on going on the Saint Paul Gangster Tour. Up early on 15th Sept, we set off to Wabasha Street Caves to meet none other than ‘Baby Face’ Nelson (he doesn’t like you to call him that) aka the wonderfully talented Ryan — our tour guide. Ryan here gave us the low-down (and it doesn’t get much lower) on how good the good old days got for bent cops and America’s most wanted in and around Saintly City and MinneCrapolis. And what’s more he made it FUN.
Some of the gang here, happily involved in the Hamm kidnapping 🙂

The sad thing is people just stand by and watch!

By-stander apathy — a terrible thing! Or were they maybe ‘on the take’?

Know what happened to Delores Delaney? No. Neither does anybody else. She just did a disappearing act after being released in sometime in 1938.
Was Ma Barker in charge of the whole Barker- Karpis chabang or was she just “an old-fashioned homebody”?
Where are the bodies buried in Wabasha Caves?

bullet marks on a fireplace; the only evidence

it’s a bit spooky down there

as you can see

and somehow it’s not comforting to have to John Dillinger as your guide – but it is entertaining!

Who is the ghostly lady sometimes pictured here?

WHOSE are the bodies buried there? And what’s more WHODUNNIT?

And What happened to the Police Dept records for that time?
When and why did a bus-load of pensionners get surrounded by armed police? And why did gangsters shoot from the hip?

Ryan explains the not so ‘fine’ points of a Tommy Gun


We had the BEST time!

See the Twin Cities at their best err…worst 🙂 Take the Gangster Tour! Otherwise me and my friends here may just have to arrange some ‘air conditioning’ for your heads! Right?