14th Sept pm
Famous Dave’s
3001 Hennipin Ave

Did I ever tell you I HATE JAZZ?


Having said that, the food at Famous Dave’s was good. The atmosphere was great.
and the Oktoberfest was especially worthy
Everyone else seemed to think the volume was tolerable – I had my ears stuffed with tissue papers to withstand it and nothing on this earth will ever persuade me to like this music — EXCEPT maybe THIS  It has to be said folks — even by me — this guy can PLAY a GUITAR! He’s been touring in France this month. If he comes to the UK check him out — if that’s the kind of thing you like. Apparently you have to Get in the Groove

Kath, Andrew, Luann

Jim in the groove


someone I don’t know but he was in the groove!
I suppose I’m just not GROOVE material — more of an opera diva than a groovey chick 😉 But as you see from the above, I didn’t hate every moment — just most of them and I don’t speak for Noel. In fact it’s only fair to say that ‘if you like that sort of thing, then that is the sort of thing that you like’ 🙂 in which case, you should try an evening at Famous Dave’s on Hennepin.