Sunken Garden at Como Park Gardens and Zoo Minneapolis

Como Park Saint Paul is just a remarkable place and thanks Kath for suggesting it. For a start they don’t charge to get in. You may make a small donation and I mean small…$3. Inside you’ll find a jungle and a zoo, The largest primates to the smallest trees

bonsai abound – some of these are older than I am.

There’s elegance and ferocity

Yeah okay…I’m just lion down a while. It’s Friday afternoon for pete’s sake. Ain’t you folks got somewhere else to be?

There are colourful characters everywhere you look
Isn’t that MAGNIFICENT? It’s and it is in working order and I could have taken a ride on the Sunday but I had a heavy date that Sunday or maybe a date with a heavy Baby Face Nelson to be precise… Youz don’t believe uz? Watch this space! and if you’re ever in Minneapolis seek out this little gem or we might have to pay youz a visit.
Love it!