Mississippi from Fort Snelling

Minneapolis is where it is because Father Hennepin ‘discovered’ (the native peoples had known it a long time) falls on the Mississippi and that made the location suitable for milling grain. The wide open prairies were suitable for growing grain. The lie of the land here was suitable for a fort and furthermore the river at this point is not too wide to be crossable by bridges. What’s not to like? Well there is much in the history of Fort Snelling not to like but they tell it like it is at the Visitor’s Centre and you can read a lot of it by clicking the link.
The history of flour therefore is an important part of Minneapolis and I was intreseted to see the Mill City Museum The flour from Ballymena was called Early Riser and was made at Morton’s where my brother in law worked and I remembered that smell the moment I walked into The Mill City Museum. Lovely examples of bag designs… There was lots to see inside and out and lots to learn and they have a kitchen facility for schools that made me envious when I thought back to the bread projects I used to do at Sandfields…What I wouldn’t have given to be able to take the children here…

I feel rather foolish now that I didn’t go up to the top 😦 Later in this holiday I went up the Skylon Tower and had dinner — but on this day I refused the eqivalent of 8 floors Not to worry – Noel went up. The devastation here is due to the fact that flour is a highly combustible material and without machines to filter the dust ka-B O U M ! Talk about flour power 😉

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