Variety they say is the spice of life and Mon 10th Sept we certainly sampled Minneapolis. First call was the Sculpture Gardens at Walker Art Gallery.
Jenny Holzer’s work, Selections from the Living 1989 looks at first like a circle of stone seats — a place to have lunch. It’s aphorisms are much more than that. I found myself lead round the square to the next and then the next and I even have a favourite – no I am not telling — YET! Here is one for you:
Later we went over to Hennepin Avenue and browsed in Paper Source — a wonderful shop for all manner of stationery. Penzey’s Spices — we should be so lucky here in the UK! I could have stayed there for hours! I just had to have some of their Dutch cocoa powder which is delicious, and then on to what for my husband, was one of the highlights of the trip — GOLDEN LEAF Tobacconists and pipe shop. This is one of the best cigar and pipe shops we have been to for a long time. The art of pipe smoking is on the decline. But I just love the smell of a good tobacco! Bought a pipe, of course and some tobacco, of course! A bite to eat in the shopping Mall and off to an excellent cheese shop – where was that Kath? They were very helpful in the selection of five truly distinctive cheeses and I also decided to introduce the family to Coleman’s English Mustard and some really tasty pure honey (for making saffron icecream). Then we called at St Paul’s Cathedral on the way back – no weddings on a Monday…the previous Saturday half of Minneapolis seemed to be getting wed!

If you find yourself in Minneapolis, that’s not a bad way to spend the day!