It’s a bit of a worry really, meeting friends you only know from the internet – I mean what if they aren’t real? What if they turn out to be mean with a couple of nasty guard dogs that snarl and bite? Truffles is so cool she eats ICE man! and Ruby? – she smells real mean sometimes 😉 Together they make an awesome team – just like Kathleen and me – the rottweilers of the poetry world…
There you see? It was all, all right! Within an hour I was stirring pasta sauce and Noel was chatting comparative xenozoology or something with Jim.

Jim and Kath. It’s true what they say. Minnesotans are NICE 🙂

I went on my trip to meet friends I didn’t know and now I know them and it’s been such a privilege and such a pleasure to find that they are not only real people, they are real FRIENDS.
Kathleen, Dave,

Amy, Brian and Don

We thank you for making our holiday UNFORGETABLE in so many unique and individual ways… and thank you to all the kind people who came to meet me at various stages of the holiday —  of which more anon.