Caroline and I are old Flash Fiction forum friends on Writewords and I have long admired her writing. My usual response to Caroline’s work is ‘wish I’d written that’ so I feel very privileged to be with her in the pages of PANGEA Anthology.

1. You know Caroline, I sometimes envy you the peace and solitude of your life on the croft but crofting has never been an easy option and still isn’t today – chicks being hatched by cats etc. How’s it going up there? Tell us a bit about your life’s rewards and the challenges of ‘writing from the edge’.
Blog: Wild Writing from the Edge

It’s been glorious this Summer. We’ve had really good weather, but almost too dry….not often we can have that brag. Suddenly the days turn into a haze of things sprouting, often not where it’s tidy to do so. Nature isn’t tidy. It straggles.
Crofting is undergoing many changes: legal, ominous sounding things are being hatched by mainly men in suits with trendy glasses & smart shoes. It would be too boring for you if I start to postulate about those ominous things that may never come to pass, may never happen.

I’d much rather talk about the other evening when I went to sllde the hens doors down and walked into the little wood after hearing a scream of something. I watched a Pine Marten up a Hazel tree watching me as bats flicked about. I felt something else, something bigger, nearer. I turned to see another Marten backing down a Birch inches from me. Time stopped.

2. When did you begin to write, what inspires you and how do you find time?

When I was three with chalk on walls. I got my ‘R’s and ‘N’s round the wrong way, so everyone knew it was me doing the graffitti even though I signed it with my brother’s name. The prompts on Writewords have been a brilliant thing for getting me going. I haven’t found time much lately, but I will go looking for some very soon as I do so miss it…the words.

3. What is your PANGEA story called and how did that one come to be written?

‘Matilda and the missing’. That again was a challenge on Flash 1. I had to make it longer. That was a challenge in itself, to pop into cliche…

4. As a writer do you set yourself goals or just go with the flow – and do you ever suffer from writer’s block?

I have been blocked, dahling for Donkeys. Sorry, my posh voice doesn’t work well. I really must take something for it, for the blockage, must just get back in the zone. Must look for time, seek it out and swallow it.

5. What are you currently working on?

I’m sorry to say nothing, but I will. I promise myself I will.

6. What is the best advice you would offer to an aspiring writer?

Write, read, look, listen, write. Roll the words around in your head as you read what you’ve written.

Thank you for allowing me to interview you. It’s a privilege to be with you in the pages of PANGEA and I hope to see you back in the forum soon and read more of your wonderful writing.