I think that after spending two weeks weeks in the company of this little old lady from Ballymena, Nathan Rosen, master of Microhorror and fearless pirate, could not quite believe that I actually come up with all this horror stuff time after time. It doesn’t go with the image — you know…

Spot the horrorists

Anyway he set me a challenge (which is how I write mostly in any case). I had to come up with a horror based on the song ‘Little Old Lady from Pasadena’. He played it for me via YouTube! The bemused look on my face told him I didn’t have a clue what the song is about so he explained that it is a phrase used-car salesmen con people with – a bit like our equivalent of Used Car for sale — One Careful Lady Owner. Still – how to write a horror from such an innocuous little ditty… BUT

I never slip out on a challenge if I can help it so after he and Jenesta left, I got right to work and this is the result. Pasadena Paradox. I do hope you enjoy it and remember always be careful when buying a used car!