We had an awful drive to Edinburgh next day. Could barely see for fog and ran into a traffic jam. But Edinburgh, even in the rain, is an uncommonly beautiful city.

Grassmarket to Greyfriars

and I believe that after we’d gone Nathan did the Monster Mash in this very street (well not IN the street — karioke of course).

Grey Friar’s Bobby

Grey Friar’s Church

Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura has long been one of my ‘things to do’ and this time I did – all 7 floors – and there are no lifts although apparently plans are afoot. The views are really worth the climb

and there are lots of interactive optical illusions on every floor and at every scale from full size kaleidoscopic to

Old fashioned peep-hole 3D

Dish of the day

Wee cowerin’ timorous beastie

and could you walk through the seemingly spinning vortex?

Patterns of spinning light feel like the world is turning

This is one tourist attraction that doesn’t disappoint. It’s FUN!

Afterwards we went for a meal and the next day, our last together for a while, Nathan and I completed our circuit of medical museums which began with The Mutter Museum two years ago by visiting the Royal College of Surgeons Museum – an equally fascinating and humbling place.

I kissed our guests goodbye — of course I didn’t cry… I NEVER cry! Isn’t that right Nathan…

Hope you had a great time. We did. It has taken two weeks to recover but that’s what age and decripitude does 🙂