York Minster

When we were in York in March, the weather was warm and sunny. This time it was a washout! Nathan and Jenesta look washed out, don’t they! They went to The Yorvik Museum on the next day but honestly my feet were too sore and my ankle swollen.
Anyway, we stood all soggy and tired outside the York Dungeons waiting to be scared… It was my birthday. The drive to York was dreadful due to poor visibility and surface water, we were all tired and then they had the cheek to put me In the Dock in the dungeons for crimes against FASHION! Will someone tell me when I EVER cared about or was IN FASHION? I just wasn’t in the mood to play along… and then they have this corridor of mirrors that they just put you in as a group and close you in — it’s like… two minutes but for me that was enough! I was almost in tears! Nothing else was really scary as that two minutes! We bought our souvenir photo but I’m not showing you that 🙂
Our main reason for York was The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Radio Show LIVE with the original cast. These people kept me company at bedtime in 1978 when I was a young and fairly lonely first year teacher in Cardiff. The show was OUTSTANDING! I can’t use enough superlatives to convey to you what an entertaining evening we enjoyed and it was just such a joy to meet some of the cast afterwards, thank them and get a few autographs and a little birthday kiss from Mark Wing-Davey who plays Zaphod Beeblebrox. Thank you Thank you Thank you for such a wonderful show.

We did manage a few hours walk in York the next day before heading back. It disappoints me that the Minster now charges so much for entry. I wouldn’t mind making a donation — even a fiver… but £8? No. But there are some great shops to browse and at last Nathan found some antiques — besides Noel and me.
Eye of Newt is a thoroughly interesting shop — seems the Devil has all the good music still… The owner is very nice and I bought a little blue obsidian skull to satisfy my inner Goth 🙂

The drive back was equally a drag 😦 and it was their last night in Morpeth.