Oops — missed some stuff out. We went to Cragside on one day but you can’t take photos in the fabulous house — first in the world to be lit by electricity but there are great ones if you use the above link! It has an original hydraulic lift, a wonderful plunge bath, the kitchen has an electrically controlled spit and the grounds are extensive.

You drive through the house (below the Gallery) to do the 5 mile drive through crags and moor.

and the view from the front is of the rockery which is also a cascade feature. In fact the entire house and landscape is predicated on hydro-electric power production. Lord Armstrong was after all the Electrical Wizard.
Truth is though that although I had planned a walk round the lakes at the top, we were being eaten alive just sitting in the car because it being the wettest and most humid June and July EVER here, the place was thick with tiny gnats.

And our visit to Woodhorn Colliery Museum was the one day I forgot my camera — to the relief of all! But if you want to know what a Big Jobbie is — or a wee jobbie for that matter — you can try Nathan who is now somewhat of an expert 😉