SEGADUNUM —  views across the Tyne

Yes so Wallsend Newcastle isn’t on everybody’s holiday schedule but if it was good enough for the Romans it was good enough for us. There isn’t much left on the ground at Segadunum but the site is extensive, the museum is good and there’s a lovely reconstruction of a Roman bath house. complete with beautifully painted interiors ‘Ye gods and little fishes’ in alcoves… fond memories of my Latin teacher Tom Greenwood there.

Roman Loos

and of course genuine gaffiti — who dunnit?!

View from the observation tower

And that night we did actually make it to

The Cumberland Arms

where we had a great welcome from the folks at the Come All Ye held first Wed every month at 9pm. We all sang. Nathan sang The Derelict and Rickety-tickety-tin from Band on the Rum and Mary Ellen Carter from latest CD Dark Side of the Lagoon Buy them or you might regret it! and as everywhere, he made some friends and we were so pleased to see our friend Mike Sutton there.