This one is out of sequence. We went here before we went there, if you see what I mean… It’s all becoming a bit of a blur (as if it wasn’t enough of a blur at the time).
Anyway…Hadrian’s Wall spans Northumberland and Cumbria. There are amny sections of wall visible and intrepid walkers love to follow the high contours of the whinsill ridge. Having visited many sections of the wall though, we decided to take out visitors to Vindolanda which is a great day out whether you’re looking for entertainment or history.
The guided tour is worth taking in any Roman site otherwise you could just be looking at piles of stone.
But Vindolanda is famous for its tablets – written by actual Romans – an invitation to a birthday party for instance. The museum houses many fascinating artefacts, the reconstructions are wonderful

(if a bit “The Archers” in tone) and the site itself is just a beautiful walk.

Jenesta had to borrow my coat again, not being used to the the fact that it can go from summer to mid-winter in seconds this far north — a fact not lost on the Romans either, I believe…

Vindolanda pre-dates the wall too… You just can’t teach some people proper decorum! — and of course Noel followed suit…with another quotation from The Python’s Holy Grail. I hope that lady recovered 🙂
On the day we were there we ran to some of the legion and they were such thoroughly nice chaps!  “Wonderful race, the Romans.” 🙂 Monty Python Life of Brian