Ready for the chills of Chillingham

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Nathan braves incarceration in the oubliette

An oubliette is a dungeon so deep in the walls or underground that nobody can hear you. No food or water is given. You starve slowly. You freeze. You are eaten by rats. In this one your remains would fall straight into the moat and we all know what moats contained… SHIT! It’s scary stuff! Luckily Nathan was with friends who really quite like him 🙂 so we just tortured him a bit — and then we let him go

and the thrills of Chillingham — these silks were apparently a gift of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire because you see Chillingham is a castle reborn under the loving care of Sir Humphry Wakefield — a very nice man!

mapping the restoration

I for one think it would make a great PIRATE GIG what say, Nate?

And after all that chilling, what could be better than a meal at The Tandoor Mahal in the warm company of friends.