Take a tram to the past at BEAMISH It is simply the best open air museum. There’s a town, a mining village, a farm. Mind you we didn’t get to the farm because you cannot see round Beamish in one day! I think that when visitors from abroad come there, the price of entry should reflect that but instead they give you access for a year and most visitors can’t take the benefit. But even so it is worth going there. There was so much more to see than last time I visited.

A welcome pork pie and pint at The Sun Inn

During their stay, Jenesta and Nathan explored the history of mining a bit by a visit to Woodhorn Colliery Museum but at Beamish there’s a chance to experience a little of what the real thing was like.

In the drift mine.

Those helmets are NOT for show. It’s dark, damp and low. Children as young as seven used to work in the mines.