Anybody who comes here has to go to Belsay because Belsay is Oonah’s favourite place! Jenesta here in a cardigan older than she is! and gunneras bigger than that umbrella. We were last through the arch that day – the paths had become waterlogged… but still there were people playing croquet. It takes more than a deluge to stop play here!

Who needs soil anyway?

What is it about foxgloves and kittiwakes and ledges?
And after a good pot-roast (at least I THINK it was a good pot-roast) off to Karioke at The Black Bull. (I’ve never been to a karioke before.)
Hey that looks like a Sweet Transvestite

Nathan takes the Black Bull by the horns 🙂

Even Noel and I stood a turn – OH YEAH! and Jenesta braved it too despite having shreds for a voice because of a bad cold 😦
But the locals are friendly

Looks like those two had FUN!