The Linnet’s Wings features several pages of my poetry this month, on the subject of Place and Identitiy. Also a very cute photo of me aged two or three 12th July 1956/7? One of my sisters will know.
Go to the link and click on the magazine cover to see the full screen version. Then you can turn the pages and read right through from Slemish pages 4 – 13! Each poem is accompanied by an explication — a paragraph which tells you something about the inspiration for the piece.
I hope you will enjoy these poems. I hope that if you do, you will tell me so!
Marion Clarke also has some poems there — Reflections on Carlingford Lough. Marion is one our regular poets at EDP and one of this year’s WINNERS and she too just happens to be from Northern Ireland but she still lives there. We have never met. We will have to correct that one day.

Or why not BUY a copy?