At The Jolly Sailor Craster

Basically any pub that can get  the thumbs up from a couple of Baltimoreans on the matter of Crab Soup and Kipper Pate is well worth a visit. Admittedly all fish dishes lacked a srpinkling of Old Bay which is the taste of Baltimore but the scenery and ambience made up for that as for Old Bay — I have to admit it is a bit tasty 🙂

View towards Dunstanburgh from the smoke house

So much so that I dare say when I eat the Kipper Cakes I have in the freezer, it might be on the table at the time!!! If you don’t know Old Bay buy some. It has a lot to do with celery salt and paprika but more besides… And of course we had Craster Kippers for breakfast the next morning. Nathan proclaimed the cakes easier to eat but the kippers well worth the effort.

Home of the Kipper

If you live in the UK you can order Craster Kippers online LUCKY YOU! Ohterwise you’ll just have to take Nathan’s word for that they’re good!
Their smoked haddock also makes lovely Kedgeree. I made two varieties.
1. using traditional curry powder
2. using Old Bay
I prefered the first. Nathan and Jenesta prefered the second
but there was none of either left.

Cooked smoked haddock fillet flaked and boned
Cooked rice (enough for number of people)
Hard boiled egg chopped per person
a good knob of butter added to the hot rice
curry powder (or Old Bay If you use Old Bay DO NOT ADD SALT) to taste. (I add it a teaspoon at a time and taste otherwise you can end up with quite a raw spice flavour.)

Combine all the ingredients, give it a stir and serve with warm buttered toast.

Other things can be added to kedgeree such as cold peas, lentils etc but I don’t tend to do that.