20 June 2002 – 20th June 2012 Bewildering Stories has been bringing us — bewildering stories, poems, artwork, facts about the universe, novellas, articles, reviews and interviews. I am pleased to be a regular contributor and staff member there and I wish the magazine another decade.

This weeks issue has a poem by me: Still Living the Stone Age, (think a little about the omission in that title – its deliberate!) an Interview with fellow poet from Sheffield John Stocks, a fine bewildering tale — The Jubilee Transmissions by writewords poetry expert James Graham who lives in Ayreshire and is also associated with me at Every Day Poets, and a review by editor Don Webb “Don’t Pet the Sweaty Things.”  All in all lots of good stuff so go over there and share in 10 years of bewilderment with all of us.

To become unbewildered — follow all the links 🙂