If you download to i-pod or i-pad, my story Plot in the Twist from Ether Apps (see how to do that below) there’s a chance I might win an i-pod — so PLEASE DO and then tell your friends to tell their friends.

Twisted Tales is FREE and available in many formats and if you want to read something equally twisted try Darkling in Microhorror this month.

and I hope we will raise lots of money for Japan from New Sun Rising – a Red Cross book now on Kindle but later to be released as a paperback.

You wait and wait and then 3 all come along at once! I hope that you will use all of these links and pass the information on to friends. I am very proud to be associated with each of them.

Oonah V Joslin


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New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan [Kindle Edition]

A Red Cross Charity Book

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Annie Evett (Editor), Michelle Goode (Editor), Sylvia Petter (Editor), Vaishali Shroff

Kindle Price: $5.18 includes VAT* & free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet
To Download from Ether AppsStory for i-pods and i-pads at http://www.etherbooks.com/EtherContent.aspxWhere it says GENRE use the drop down to select All Genres, and up at the top you will see1st Sci-Fi & Fantasy Contest— Select that optionNow move over to All Writers, scroll down until you find Oonah  V Joslin

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‘Plot in the Twist’

by Oonah V Joslin

In space lines change with perspective.

Download it. Read it. Rate it.

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