My story, Tools of the Trade is at Every Day Fiction on the 6th June 🙂 and I will put a link up of course. This month’s on-line appearances are not so numerous as last — nonetheless I have two poems coming up in Bewildering Stories. The first, Voluntary Exile, goes up on Monday 4th and I believe there is a story coming up in FlashQuake and perhaps one in Microhorror – you never know 😉 Nathan has been a busy bunny!

Look out for new links!

But I will be making one LIVE appearance (yes I do occasionally go out) at Pink Lane Jazz Club on 14th – thank you Jessica and Robbie 🙂 Hope to see some of you there!

Others on the bill include:

Short fictional stories by EMMA WHITEHALL

Poetry and a monologue performed by TOM WILLIAMS

Improvised music and poetry from our houseband SCRUFF WEED, as well as music from PETE HARDAKER

That’s a good line-up!!

As self-appointed laureate 😉 trying to get the drop on Carol Ann Duffy, I felt it incumbent upon me to write a verse in celebration of this month’s glittering event and street parties (or so I’m told). Not a snifter of bunting here! And so I give you, in semi-rhyming trochees (Oh I make an effort you know) and with a bit of historical scepticism thrown in at the end (and all this for free!!) My poem for the Diamond Jubilee:

Chink of glasses
Toasts and speeches
Roasts and peaches
Cream and scones and jam, jam, jam
Smear the mustard on the ham
Let the lettuce wilt and wither
Throw poor crusts beneath the table
Eat as much as you are able
Watch the ice-cream slide and slither
Watch the jelly wibble-wobble
Stick a sausage on the Bar-be
Sing your anthems hale and hearty
Come along and join the party
Lamprey pie and puddings bake
Choose a queen to put a crown on.
It’s all money. Ask a Banker.
Down the tubes? You f*n wanker.
What’s she say? Let them eat cake.

© 2012 Oonah V Joslin

Also this month don’t forget that New Rising Sun is available on kindle. Go to their blog, read my poem Offunato’s Yesterday, watch the trailer, buy on Kindle or look out for the book in September.

Every penny raised goes directly to the Japanese Red Cross.

Bonus for writers: Essay The Secrets of ‘and’ by Don Webb

And for all you FB friends – here’s how to prevent THEM using YOU as an advert!