Promotional Video Song for NEW RISING SUN

A hauntingly beautiful song, gifted by Daniel Christian

11. March 2011. Earthquake 9.0. Tsunami. Fukushima. 15,800 dead. 3,200 missing. 120,00 buildings destroyed and hundreds of thousands damaged.

11 March 2012. Still no answers on food safety in Fukushima. Still no end to the trauma.

May 2012. Residents devise geothermal power-generation system that uses water from the hot springs for energy. Fukushima evacuees survive deadly tornado. Reconstruction of facilities at vocational high schools in the disaster-hit prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima have been delayed. Fukushima farmers plant rice, and pray.

Still so much to do. Don’t forget Fukushima.

New Sun Rising has been a huge undertaking. The work of more than 60 contributors has been edited into an anthology which will raise the awareness of the plight of those still suffering in Japan and to add funds to the many desperately needed projects underway.

New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan, will launch in kindle in June. ebooks and physical books will launch in September.

Every penny raised goes directly to the Japanese Red Cross.

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A huge thank you to Lisa Scullard of akaVoodooSpice for creating this beautiful youtube book trailer leading up to the launch.