Sometimes one is offered the rare privilege of joining another family in celebration and such was our great honour this weekend – the christening of Ellen Rose at the beautiful medieval church of Bothal just down the road. We were made to feel more welcome than I can express and I thank you all for having us there.

I had never been inside this church and the vicar gave us a real insight into its history and the rite of christening itself. He was one of those clergymen who has a deep calling as pastor and teacher and he made everyone feel included — Splashed a few children with Holy Water and allowed a little boy to light the Christening Candle. Not being C of E, I found his approach most refreshing. He assumed nothing.

Medieval stained glass

As well as some original medieval stained glass, this depicting the instruments of the cross, it has a fine Victorian window and the skull of a 22 year old woman who dies in 1612. There’s also a very fine monumental tomb and outside an extensive churchyard, this time of year filled with wild garlic, with some stone coffins and a font.

Man wearing tie? There’s a pint in it 🙂

Another monumental effort was the cake made by Ellen’s mum for her specail day. Even the roses were edible and if Sarah ever wanted to, I think she could go professional with this.
Yes she made that little Ellen Rose as well! 🙂 and no I didn’t eat any.

cakes cakes cakes

Ellen Rose and Oonah 13th May 2012