Fortieth Mission  appears in Bewildering Stories today
Editor Don Webb says:
The photo does deserve a caption, and you’ve provided one in fine style with the
occasional poem.

Yours is the first poem or story in 477 issues that has rated a special logo.
Click on it.

and if you do click on this Issue’s special LOGO (top left) it links directly to my poem 🙂

Aurora Over Iceland which was published last week, is one of my weirdest poems. I often write Ekphrastic poems and the daily NASA picture is a favourite source of inspiration for me but in this one I saw such amazing images — again follow the link by clicking on the photo for a better look.

Swimming Tandem takes a swipe at the habits of some  fellow swimmers. This is a piece I have performed and it goes down well.

I have 2 other poems coming up in BwS this month and will activate the links as soon as they are available.

Borrowing Thunder

Voluntary Exile

There is also a series of STAFF INTERVIEWS  ongoing at BwS for the next several weeks and I will have a spot there since I read occasional flash fiction for them. I will put links to them all here as they are all sure to be fascinating. Each of these people is an outstanding writer and if you are not familiar with their work, then you will find them listed in the Author Indexes of BwS. Happy Reading 🙂

Interview with Bertil Falk
Interview with Tim Simmons
Interview with Marina J Neary
Interview with Clarisse Samuels
Interview with Harry Lang

I have some work coming up in 5Minute Fiction (one I did earlier)
The Last Cubicle and Brief Encounter at the Embassy Ball,

and in MicroHorror — Prisoner’s Escape

New Rising Sun a charity Anthology for Japan Tunami victims is coming out in September but they are giving a taster from contributors and my story CUTS seemed appropriate to the theme. It was first in The Pygmy Giant 2010.

Started off the month with a lovely poetry workshop at The Bridge Hotel Pub in Newcastle. Christie Ducker led us through some writing exercises which were really productive for everyone there and it was small and friendly. Pity I am not going to get to any other Trashed Organ ‘Fringe’ events. Maybe next year. No – Next year – I promise!