It was Easter. I thought BUNNIES. Then Bill West in the Writewords Flash Poetry Forum mentioned VAMPIRE BUNNIES and whilst I immediately thought of Monty Python and The Holy Grail, the thought of vengeful bunnies took hold in my mind – that and the noisy road by the racetrack in York where I recently stayed in a hotel… It struck me that if rabbits were to evolve, it might be payback time for all the cruelties mankind has inflicted on theiir species. Year of the Rabbit took form.

Meanwhile the origins of my poem Angry Sun is apparent – especially if you click on the link that takes you to the NASA photo that inspired it. This time Sun spot activity looks like an angry bird – a suggestion made in the caption but I saw a baby bird too! Of course our minds are meant to recognise patterns such as these – they are part of our survival mechanisms but aren’t they fun and creative too?

And then it’s all over and what to do?  Going Greener Oh and by the way – I made up the story – not the facts!!! Promession and Aquamation are both real alternatives to burial. This is the future of your present past 🙂 Enjoy the read.